Tailspin. How the Cops’ PR Fell Apart at Balcombe

August 29, 2013


When hundreds of anti-fracking campaigners announced they were to join existing protests against Cuadrilla and fracking in Balcombe, the Prime Minister responded with an article in support of fracking. Sussex Police took the arrival of the No Dash for Gas (NDfG) camp and Cameron’s words as a call to arms. The Friday before they were […]

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Unspun: The Met’s Tomlinson Apology

August 6, 2013


Yesterday the Metrolpolitan Police (Met) issued an apology to the family of Ian Tomlinson, who was unlawfully killed. Certainly this should be celebrated, the police have had to admit something they would prefer was covered up, and to gain an apology in as short a time at four years is unheard. For the families of […]

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The Battle of Balcombe

August 1, 2013


As you leave Balcombe station, you will see, on a cottage’s sandstone wall surrounded by ivy, a sign: ‘Frack Off’, and an arrow helping visitors to the  little village find their way to the anti-fracking protest site. It  was mid-afternoon when I arrived expecting the village to be relatively quiet. Most of the reported confrontations […]

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Hillsborough: The Truth About the Police

September 17, 2012


The publication of the independent report on the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 has rightly been welcomed for finally shining some light on what really happened, and could raise the real possibility of justice for the families of the 96 that died, as well as the many more who suffered. However the delay, the years of […]

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Sussex Police, Politics and Pride

September 4, 2012


Its a common complaint among activists that Pride events are now corporate, un-political, and have lost all connection with the fight that created them. In Brighton this Saturday (September 2nd) the organisers of Pride certainly seemed to have not only forgotten the struggles of the past, but actually joined forces with the police in attacking […]

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No change at the Met, Four Years After Sean Rigg’s Murder.

August 23, 2012


On Tuesday night (21st August) over 300 people packed Lambeth Town Hall for a memorial meeting to mark the killing of Sean Rigg, who was murdered in Brixton Police Station four years ago. The sense of anger and injustice that the meeting felt and expressed was heightened by the video taken on Sunday night of […]

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Harwood – The Met’s Hired Killer

July 20, 2012


PC Simon Harwood has killed, and so far got away with it. But the death of Ian Tomlinson was not just the fault of one out of control cop. It was the result of a desire by the Metropolitan Police to use terror, violence and fear to suppress protest. Even as Harwood walked away from […]